Conversations with Kenyatta

A Conversation with Stacy Ashmore Cole

November 15, 2022 Kenyatta D. Berry Season 1 Episode 36
Conversations with Kenyatta
A Conversation with Stacy Ashmore Cole
Show Notes

In this episode, Kenyatta D. Berry, author of The Family Tree Toolkit, and host of PBS' Genealogy Roadshow is joined by Stacy Ashmore Cole, who is the creator and curator of “They Had Names: African Americans in Early Liberty County, Georgia, Records,” an online compilation of antebellum Liberty County probate, deed, church and other records with more than 37,000 references to African Americans, enslaved and free.

She and Kenyatta discuss different records, as well as the necessity of those who have information on the enslaved to share it.

It is an empowering conversation that will leave listeners wanting to dig right back into their research.

In addition, Stacy provided the following links for those looking for help with their ancestry in Georgia, and on the coast:  

They Had Names: African Americans in Early Records of Liberty County, Georgia:

Liberty County Historical Society:

Midway Museum: (located next to the Midway Congregational Church, which was founded in 1754. Although a Church dominated by White planter families, it has had documented Black members since 1756. The current Church building dates from 1792 and no longer operates as a Church. The Midway Museum tells its story and the history of the surrounding area.)

Dorchester Academy (historic African American School that has a wonderful African American Museum about antebellum Midway history and also a Civil Rights exhibit -- Martin Luther King spent quite a bit of time there): Home

Coastal Georgia Genealogy links: founded by Amy Hedrick, who has been researching coastal Georgia since her late teens (over 20 years now). Includes many African American genealogy resources. 

Ujima Genealogy of Coastal Georgia: focused on African American genealogy of coastal Georgia: (great videos)

Coastal Georgia Genealogical Society:

Burning of Darien Museum (no longer has a physical space but has enthusiastic volunteers who focus on African American history and genealogy of McIntosh County):

The music for this episode, as always, was "Good Vibe" by Ketsa.