Conversations with Kenyatta

A Conversation with Chris Haley

August 09, 2023 Kenyatta D. Berry Season 1 Episode 55
Conversations with Kenyatta
A Conversation with Chris Haley
Show Notes

This week on Conversations with Kenyatta, Kenyatta D. Berry, author of The Family Tree Toolkit and host of PBS' Genealogy Roadshow is joined by Chris Haley.

Chris is an actor, author, and is the Director of the  Study of the Legacy of Slavery in Maryland, as well as the Utopia Film Festival.

He and Kenyatta discuss his work, how he got into genealogy, and how being related to Alex Haley, author of Roots has inspired him to do other genealogy work in his life.

Please learn more about Chris by visiting his website at

Please note that in this episode, Chris Haley says that Arthur Hailey was the author of Airplane, but it is actually Airport!. 

The music for this episode, as always, is "Good Vibe" by Ketsa.

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